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First step is to decide where you would like to enhance your room with an abundance of light-energy. Realize the reflections are a major quality of the charm your Lorisdawn Design generates. The closer the shade is to the wall, the stronger the reflection becomes. Most of my table light pictures are taken extremely close to the wall, to exaggerate the reflections. I have used clear bulbs for my pictures to depict clear bright glass colours. You can use a frosted bulb to create a very subdued lighting effect.


Imagine the colours that would compliment your decor. The spectrum of colours is endless, and combining them with stained glass has opened the palette even more;

  • colours like ocean blues, light minty-greens, and soft lavender will create a calming effect,

  • you can create a richness of strong jewel tones using ambers, burnt oranges, emerald greens, royal purple and a few bright ruby or deep garnet reds,

  • you could also brighten any mood with intensifying colours of hot reds and oranges,

  • or the elegance of shear clear gems with some shimmer of iridescence, and with some crystal jewels incorporated to totally sparkle up your art piece.

Deciding on the shape is easy, just imagine any lighting design you've seen before that you were attracted to, or use your imagination and we can materialize your idea. We purchase CSA approved fixtures, often inexpensive, uninteresting and lifeless. We replace the shade with a unique Lorisdawn Design suited to your colour scheme and style preference.

Your living space will radiate artistry and prestige at a very affordable price.

I am very enthusiastic when asked to build something out of the norm and strive to bring your image to life. You can also visit my studio in Comox on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and absorb all the different lighting ideas I have on display, or I can make professional suggestions if you desire.

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