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The ambiance created by my light work is that of timeless wrought-iron elegance, supporting reflectively soothing or vibrant coloured spots and pleasing lines and swirls splashed over several feet of wall or ceiling space.

A lovely, magical effect is achieved when a hanging light, floor, or table lamp is placed in a corner to allow the kaleidoscope of colour to play on both walls. These unique, innovative designs compliment any décor.

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine, Indian and Tibetan Ayurvedic practitioners have known of the beneficial aspects and interrelationships of colour therapy and light therapy to the healing and well-being of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Each light colour has its own unique energy vibration. You can achieve a mind-altering experience in your own home by owning a Lorisdawn Design. You and your company will be pleasantly stimulated when you turn the switch on, you will begin to feel your lighting turns you on.

Each of my handcrafted pieces of artwork comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

They are highly durable and constructed with outstanding quality. Each glass gem is ground before being securely wrapped with copper foil. Each tassel is wrapped with wire, and each tassel and each link is soldered closed for permanence.

The intention is for your art to endure time and be loved vivaciously for generations.

Maintenance and cleaning are relatively easy when your art piece becomes dusty. Simply remove the artwork from the light fixture and hold it under warm running water (never use cleaning agents), while gently using a soft cloth and tooth brush to remove the dust. Buff dry.

You will undoubtedly be delighted to own one of these distinguished, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces of art. There is no comparison to the unique artwork of Lorisdawn Designs currently available on the market.

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